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5 Kids Activities for Your Wedding Day

Including activities for children in your wedding day ensures that your youngest guests are entertained and occupied. Their parents can fully enjoy the day whilst giving the kids a fun a memorable experience. Here are some fun activities for children that you can consider including in your wedding day.

Kids’ table

Set up a special table for the children with some activities such as games and puzzles, or art supplies. This will keep them entertained while their parents enjoy the reception. Why not include crafting materials so that the children can create their own wedding favours or even create their own thank you cards for the happy couple?

Photo booth

Set up a photo booth with props and costumes. This will give the children a chance to take some silly photos and make some fun memories. Who knew your 7 year old nephew would rock a handlebar moustache so well!

Outdoor activities

If you are having a wedding with access to outdoor space, set up some games such as giant Jenga, ring toss, or giant Connect Four. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a venue with it’s own playground? A hit for both children and drunk uncles alike!

Bouncy castle

Rent a bouncy castle for the children to play in. This will not only provide hours of entertainment but also give parents a break from entertaining their children.

Dance party

Set up a children’s dance party with fun music and disco lights. This is a great way for the children to get their energy out and have some fun.

Including these activities for children in your wedding day can make a huge difference in the overall experience for everyone. It can also make your photos more memorable as they capture the happy faces of children playing and enjoying themselves. As a Hull wedding photographer, I am always happy to see the joy and excitement that these ideas can bring to a reception.

If you are looking for a Hull wedding photographer, I would be happy to help capture your special day. Get in touch and we can chat about your plans!

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